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LEGO Batman Batcave Break In 70909
Defend against The Penguins Duckmobile invasion of the Batcave in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: Batcave Break-in set. The highly detailed Batcave features a rotating transformation chamber for Bruce Wayne to...
LEGO Batman Catwoman Catcycle Chase 70902
Help Batgirl and Robin thwart a jewel heist in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: Catwoman Catcycle Chase set, including the Catcycle and a buildable street scene with a jewelry store. Play-starting features include...
LEGO Batman Scarecrow™ Special Delivery 70910
Save Gotham City Energy Facility from a fear gas attack with this action-packed THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: Scarecrow Special Delivery set, featuring Scarecrows pizza delivery bike with cart and a security...
LEGO Batman The Batmobile 70905
Race through Gotham City in pursuit of Man-Bat and the Kabuki Twins in the Batmobile. This set from THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE features the Batmobile with a dual cockpit for Batman and Robin , two stud shooters...
LEGO Batman The Joker™ Notorious Lowrider 70906
Join Batgirls pursuit of The Joker and Harley Quinn through the streets of Gotham City in this exciting set from THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. The Jokers Notorious Lowrider vehicle features bouncing suspension,...